Mined Diamond's Education


      It's important and advisable to learn about diamonds before you purchase one. Diamonds are complex, with many attributes that affect their overall beauty and quality. At Gallo Jewelry, we go beyond the “Four C’s” (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight) and learn about everything that gives a diamond both its beauty and its value.

Diamond Shape

Diamonds come in many different shapes. Each diamond shape possesses its own unique qualities, so exploring and learning about the various shapes is worth your while. Gallo Jewelry offers the highest quality certified diamonds to satisfy all tastes.




Diamond Cut

A diamond's cut not only refers to its proportion, but also how effectively the stone can return light back to the viewer's eye. A well-cut diamond will appear very brilliant and fiery, while a poorly cut stone can appear dark and lifeless, regardless of its color or clarity.




Diamond Color

When shopping for a diamond, it is generally preferred to choose a stone with the least amount of color possible. Diamond color is divided into five broad categories.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the presence (or absence) of impurities, blemishes or other identifying characteristics within a diamond. Clarity characteristics are what make each diamond unique, since there are no two diamonds that will have the same exact inclusions in the same location(s).


Symmetry refers to the exactness of the shape and arrangement of facets in a diamond. Although to the naked eye finish features only have a tiny effect on appearance, symmetry is an significant aspect.

Carat Weight

Carat is a term that refers to the weight of a diamond. Prior to the twentieth century, diamonds were measured using carob seeds, which were small and uniform and served as a perfect counter weight to the diamond. The word "carob” is the origin of the word "carat" that we use today.



What Is Diamond Fluorescence?

Certain high-quality diamonds display a visible blueish light when they are exposed to ultraviolet light. This is known as fluorescence. Under most lighting conditions, a diamond's fluorescence is not visible to the naked eye, unless it has a lot of fluorescence, then it will look clouded.

What Is Diamond Polish? 

Polish is the overall condition of the surfaces of a finished diamond. Polish is rated Good (GD), Very Good (VG), Excellent (EX), and Ideal (ID).

What Is Diamond Certification? 

A certificate is a blue print of a loose diamond. Wholesalers, retailers and consumers know a certificate as either a diamond grading report or a diamond dossier. A certificate reports a diamond's exact measurements, weight, cut and overall quality. Most popular certification companies are GIA and EGL.


Diamond Care

Depending on the setting you choose, you can soak your diamond engagement and/or wedding rings for up to 30 minutes in a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. This is best suited to prong and cathedral settings. In pave and basket settings, however, soaking the rings can increase the likelihood of the gems coming loose.


Diamond Grading

A diamond's cost depends upon characteristics known as the 4C's: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat. The relationship between these four characteristics determines the value of a diamond. Our diamond grading charts will help you visualize the relationship between rareness and cost.


How to Choose the Perfect Diamond?

Nothing is more perfect than a diamond ring to mark an engagement, wedding, or an anniversary. Diamonds remain the most precious of all gemstones, the right sparkler for that special moment. A diamond represents love, commitment, and endurance—three aspects of every successful relationship. To find the perfect diamond engagement ring, check out our collection or contact us.